Advance the vision of CalSAE by disseminating current, essential and authoritative information through the best method of communication; promoting the profession and cultivating and capturing knowledge. The committee provides oversight of association communication tools, including The Executive magazine, website, and social media. Responsibilities include editorial content and review of major publications, oversight of the CalSAE website, and development/implementation of outreach and marketing efforts.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The DEI Committees mission is to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion within CalSAE and the broader association community. They do this by promoting and engaging the broader association community to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion within their organizations, by building CalSAE’s culture in advancing it's practice of DEI, and by assessing CalSAE's DEI plan annually and making any adjustments in concert with the Board of Directors.

ELEVATE Annual Conference

ELEVATE Annual Conference is the largest education event of the year, with nearly 30 professional development education opportunities over three days combined with a networking event each evening. The committee handles location selection, concept/theme design, sponsorship solicitation, attendance, assists with programming, and volunteer on-site. The meetings are via conference call for a total of seven times per year for one hour and also in-office help two weeks leading up to the event. Committee members put the "steak" (education) and "sizzle" (experience) into this springtime, multi-day education and relationship-building event.

Legislative Advisory Work Group ("LAW Group")

Monitors trends in advocacy and engages members on issues that could potentially influence the general business practices of the association community. The LAW Group meets to discuss legislative trends, compare practices, and inform members. They also advise the CEO on strategy.

Membership Advisory Group ("MAG")

Assess staff recommendations and provide best practices for member recruitment, retention, and engagement. The MAG oversees CalSAE’s membership recruitment and retention plan, develops Board recommendations for membership dues, and coordinates with regional councils on member engagement strategies.

Professional Development ("PDC")

Responsible for understanding the educational needs of the membership, and providing high-quality education and training opportunities. They develop and implement the overall education plan, in coordination with regional councils and event committees.

Seasonal Spectacular

Seasonal Spectacular is the largest association tradeshow on the West Coast which includes 1.5 days of education programs, EXCHANGE - the CalSAE Appointment Show, luncheons, and a tradeshow. The committee will generate booth sales, solicit for attendance, determine concept/theme design, assist with the overall logistics of the event, and manage volunteer duties on-site. Meetings are via conference call for a total of 8 times per year for one hour and also in office help two weeks leading up to the event.

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