Governing Documents

Success Plan

The CalSAE Strategic Plan demonstrates our vision, mission, and objectives.

To inspire, empower, and connect the best association professionals.

To advance the association profession through knowledge, valued relationships, and trusted resources.


  • Build a community among members with a culture and environment that produces valued relationships.
  • Create opportunities for members to exchange knowledge and resources.
  • Provide learning opportunities that are responsive to the changing dynamics of the association and not-for-profit management professions.
  • Run CalSAE as an effective model business.

Success Plan

Board Policies & Procedures

View the table of contents on page 2 to get an idea of the various policies in this extensive document. This P&P manual also contains a variety of sample policies, including:

  • CEO Evaluation Process (page 29)
  • 5 policies that comply with the IRS Form 990 questionnaire (Chapter V)
  • Detailed responsibilities of the Board Officers and CEO (Chapters VI and VII)
  • Policies and committee descriptions including Audit, Awards, Legislative, and Conflict of Interest (Chapter XI)

Download Board Policies & Procedures


This member approved document has the key policies governing the organization.



If you have any questions regarding these documents, please contact Jim Anderson, CAE, President & CEO at or call 916-443-8980.